10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Sagi Refrigeration Equipment

Italian refrigeration specialists, Sagi, have been supplying customers with high-performance refrigeration equipment since 1980. They have been part of our sister company, Euro Catering’s extensive portfolio for the past 4 years and we are now proud to offer their products too. Here’s why you should invest in one. 

Decades Of Experience 

With 42 years of industry expertise, Sagi are renowned for their ability to design and manufacture reliable refrigeration solutions. They continue to innovate to this day, developing a formidable reputation amongst bakeries, ice cream makers and pizzerias alike. 

Made From Durable Materials 

Food production settings are seldom quiet. That’s why Sagi’s products are made to withstand heavy everyday use in a variety of kitchen environments. Their high-grade 304 stainless steel interiors and exteriors ensure durability and will stand the test of time. 

Looking After The Environment 

As environmental considerations become increasingly important, Sagi has been quick to adopt an eco-friendly approach. This is evident in in-built design features that reduce energy consumption without compromising on performance. Investing in a Sagi product will reduce your carbon footprint and save you a considerable amount in energy costs. 

A Versatile Range 

As mentioned earlier, Sagi is more than a one-trick pony. Its refrigerators, blast chillers, blast chiller/freezers, pizza counters and more are trusted by bakers, confectioners and pizzaiolos to deliver high-quality solutions to every conceivable refrigeration requirement. Take your pick here

Easy To Clean  

In addition to food quality, there are two things kitchens care about: cleanliness and speed. Sagi’s intelligent designs ensure easy cleaning whilst helping you maintain high hygiene standards. Some examples of design features include radiused internal corners, wash out drains and hinged panels. The integration of moulded tray-sildes into equipment interiors quickens the speed at which they can be cleaned. A big advantage for busy food production spaces! 

Manufactured In One Place 

Even as the company has grown, all of Sagi’s products are still created in one place: the Angelo Po Grandi Cucine S.p.A. con socio unico plant in Ascoli Piceno, Italy. This enables strict quality control processes and signals Sagi’s ongoing commitment to excellence. 

The Perfect Temperature 

Without proper refrigeration, food quality can become compromised. Fortunately, all of Sagi’s refrigerators feature core temperature probes that will automatically sense the desired temperature of your goods and store them appropriately. 

Simple Operation 

Although technologically superior, Sagi’s equipment has been designed for ease of use. Electronic controls with segment displays, timers and quick access keys to recipes can be mastered by anyone, making all your refrigeration processes much simpler to manage. 

Unique Features 

Even though all of Sagi’s products have been designed to high specifications, what really sets them apart is the sheer range of cold stage capabilities found in their equipment. In the case of their bakery refrigerators, special features such as humidity regulators, automatic defrosting and hyper cooling preserve culinary quality and improve workflow, delighting both staff and customers. 

Sturdy Locking Systems 

Spoiled food is a culinary professional’s worst nightmare. With this in mind, Sagi’s products are fitted with locking systems to keep items safe and secure until they are ready to use. Losing food has an incredible impact on your bottom line, so do what’s best for your business. 


If you feel that you would benefit from a Sagi fridge, freezer, chiller or prover, make your purchase on our website today.